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I help people rediscover their creative power, deliver stretching projects or be confident about showing up by deep explorations into the psychological, emotional or physical blocks holding them back, whether that's self-identity, beliefs about what it takes to be creative or innovative, impostor syndrome, lack of self-worth or self-criticism, perfectionism, procrastination, toxic relationships, chronic health problems and more.

As a successful writer, I've tackled many of these issues head-on. I have years of experience mentoring individuals to achieve their potential. I have enhanced these skills by taking an accredited diploma in transformational coaching with Animas and working within a coaching framework.

Let me describe one of my client’s stories.

A client came to me looking for the confidence to deliver a new programme, one that was challenging to think through and possibly controversial. 

Through our work together, we explored their narratives and origins of their self-criticism and self-doubt, and discomfort about their cultural and professional isolation. We looked at how to develop working habits that suited them and how to be their authentic self in their work, while also handling the surface stuff of marketing, networking and self-promotion.

Along the way, we talked about the importance of the project to the world and the difference it could make. Throughout, the client was absolutely in the driving seat of their own creative development, finding ways forward that were a good fit for them.

At the end of our work together, the client felt confident enough to pursue this work while being mindful to notice doubt and difficulty and how that noticing was part of the creative process. They left coaching armed with new purpose, confidence and a plan of action to get where they wanted to be.

Here’s one testimony from a client:

“When I first reached out to Deborah, I was exploring a new approach to my private practice, and I was curious about accessing coaching support along the way.  I am so glad I did.  Meeting with Deborah brought such inspiration and vitality, which has given me a clearer sense of direction in my private practice. Coaching sessions helped me become more aware of self-limiting beliefs and tended to my challenges and creative blocks, offering new ways of seeing and being in the world.

I love the space for spontaneity and laughter that Deborah holds. It was great to be able to feel free to express a range of emotions and have fun too, while working on overall goals as well as matters of the moment. The creative explorations and tasks offered gave me opportunities to challenge myself and try new things, inspiring me to take action between coaching sessions. 

What I really valued was the way Deborah acknowledged both what I was saying with my words and body (posture and gestures). I had mentioned to her that I find it helpful to process things with my body and movement, something I encourage clients to do in my private practice.  After sessions, I'd get up and move spontaneously, giving space for new insights to shift how I hold things in my body and uncovering further insights.  I am so grateful that there was space for this to be supported and incorporated in reflections between coaching sessions.

I would highly recommend working with Deborah.  I am so grateful for the incredibly valuable opportunities of shift and momentum Deborah offered to the stuckness and resistance I was experiencing.  Working with her has helped me notice parts of me and the world that I'd not paid attention to before, and I know and my life and private practice are much richer for it."

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I offer one free consultation session to find out if we can work together, and five sessions for £300 (I prefer my coaching to be financially accessible!).


About me


My professional background began as an artist (I still draw and paint) and all-round cultural experimenter. I then studied philosophy, social theory and urban studies all the way to PhD level.

I worked for fifteen years as a social science academic and ethnographic researcher, publishing books on nightlife and social exclusion in cities. I then worked in journalism and communications, specialising in thought leadership. Now, I'm an editor, and write articles and books alongside my coaching practice. In my professional journey, I have mentored many students, artists and writers along the way.

I hold a Diploma in Integrative Transformational Coaching with Animas, a Diploma in Counselling Skills and a Certificate in Positive Psychology. I draw on a wide range of resources in my coaching, from philosophy and psychology to film and literature. I have a countercultural history, which has influenced how I think about the world. I read a lot. I’m well-versed in the dilemmas for those experiencing chronic illness, as I have one myself and it does inform my practice. I often work with clients where their body reacts to psychological and emotional pressure.


Other testimonials


I would like to say a big thank you to Deborah. Working with her as a trainee coach myself over the past five weeks has been very productive and inspiring. She helped me to further reflect on my life, gain further clarity as well as visualise my own future goals on a step by step basis. I would definitely recommend her to potential clients. Thanks for all your help Deborah, you're awesome!

Fajah, trainee coach and mum

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